Sundown / Volition - Who Are We

We are a joined group of two Crossfit affiliates - two separate gyms and communities all a part of one family. We believe in improving our fitness as part of the constant pursuit of improving our health and longevity. 

Sundown Crossfit and Crossfit Volition have individual communities and groups of coaches who devote our lives to community-based fitness. We lift heavy, run long, learn skills, and everything in between. 

Staying at home has majorly shuffled our daily schedules, emotions and fitness.  Our team is here to get you off the couch and back to a regular fitness routine.  

We want to offer you a program that will help to improve your fitness and something to work for during SIP.  “Murph” is a great test of overall fitness and scalable to any level of fitness:

  • Virtual Murph community event is May 25th, Memorial day. 

  • Community training program starts May 2nd

  • Includes 3-weeks of programming, four training sessions per week

  • Join in with a coach on Zoom to train every Saturday starting May 2nd

Register below for an event time and your Murph t-shirt!  Deadline to Register to get a shirt is May 3rd!

Register Here

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